Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get planting materials seeds and seedlings

(HighChem Agriculture provides seeds and seedlings at a reasonable cost. You can contact us for details of cost and delivery arrangements.)

2. Can I get planting material on credit?

HighChem Agriculture facilitates and guarantees acquisition of credit for planting materials from financial institutions for organized and registered farmer cooperatives

3. What is the spacing of pyrethrum, row to row and plant to plant?

The recommended spacing for pyrethrum is 60cm ( 2 feet) row to row and 30 cm ( I foot) plant to plant . This spacing gives a plant population of 22,000 plants per acre (52,000 per hectare).

4. How much will I get for a kg of dry flower?

( HighChem Agriculture prices are based on the prevailing world market prizes. These prizes are communicated routinely through prize lists that are reviewed periodically)

5. Which variety is suitable for my area?

(There are many varieties of pyrethrum recommended for various altitudes. Contact the ministry of agriculture staff in your area or call us for specific information on your area.)

6. What is the duration of payment after delivery?

( HighChem Agriculture works out with farmers individuals payment schedules on platforms that are appropriate and convenient for them)

7. Is there any bonus?

This is usually dependant on market dynamics and is paid when pyrethrum products are sold in the world market at an unusually good prize.

8. Can you buy wet flowers?

{HighChem Agriculture only buys dry flowers. Farmer cooperatives are however encouraged to install drying equipment at their collection centers which farmers can use to dry their flowers at a cost.}

9. How much do you charge for transport?

{Transport charges are dependent on the distance between the buying centre and the processing plant and are normally charged per Kg. This is deducted from the final payment.}

10. Do you check the pyrethrin content individually or for a group/ cooperative

{ Pyrethrin content is normally checked for a group of farmers / cooperative}

11. Does HighChem Agriculture have extension workers to support farmers with technical issues in the field?

{ HighChem Agriculture has extension workers and field officers who assist farmers with technical and other issues of concern they may have.}